Thursday, November 30, 2006

XRAY XB8 New Option parts

Front diff large Bevel Gear 38T: Parts 355058

The new 38T front diff crown gear for the XB8 is CNC-machined from hardened HUDY steel developed specially for gears, allowing for ultra-true, vibration-free running. All edges are chamfered for smooth engagement. The "38" symbol is laser-engraved for easy recognition, as well as the bearing size is ground for maximum precision. Using this gear in the front diff of your XB8 alters the gear ratio from 3.333 (with 40T original gear) to 3.167. This makes the car easier to drive, especially in bumpy condition, and improves on-power stability. The new 38T front diff crown gear improves traction and reduces sliding.

New Clutch Bell & Spur Gears

Gearing your XB8 for any track is super easy, thanks to XRAY's wide range of clutch bells and spur gears. Made from exclusive long lasting low wear special steel, friction is reduced improving torque and top speed while maintaining the durability a 1/8 off-road car requires.

XRAY is proud to offer wide range of Clutch bells and Spur gears.

*** All gears are laser etched with number of teeth for easy identification.
From 13T to 15T and spur 44T to 48T.

source: XRAY,

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