Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jammin / Hong Nor Domination

Anyone cant denies that the Jammin / Hong Nor buggy and truggy domination in the RC Pro Final. This maybe a repeat or heard so many times in forums or website everywhere in the world. But i just wanna say that this brand do perform irregardless who at the transmitter. For this they do deserve the Truck and Buggy of the year. Thanks to Taylor James, Chad Bradley and of course to Jared Tebo on the Buggy win. even though he wasn't the Jammin / Hong Nor official sponsored driver.

Ok, i can see that someone from other brands wanna whack my head on this statement. Ok, the Kyosho and Mugen on a near 2nd & 3rd. Hahaha. Ok go ahead. smack my head!

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