Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are you RC Offroad Hardcore?

Are you a nitro rc offroad hardcore if you been long time in the buggy race?  Good question. Or do you have to own truggy to claim that you are a nitro rc hardcore? I dont know.
For me, totally different ... i started with monster truck... HPI savage. we race with this high CG truck and its really fun. we were spoilt by GS SUT when they join us in a local race. we sometimes if not always, lose to this new kit in town. we decided to race 2gether becoz of small group but with two different class=trophies. so, even if im 2nd on the overall truck race, im actually 1st in the monster truck class.

anyway, from there, i decided to challenge the low slung SUT with a real truggy X1CRT. then, its a different story all together. and just for the heck of not wanting to miss any offroad action, i bought the buggy. Now i can join the so-called offroad elite. I GOT ALL 3 OFFROAD VEHICLES. now we're talking.  

Am i a real hardcore on offroad then? I got all three(3) nitro offroad vehicle? i dont know. am i qualified? probably i shud get the XUT, Mugen truggy, CEN Matrix TR, and even the 18th scale or the 16th scale then i can claim im a real offroad hardcore. Hahahaha. What say u?

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