Saturday, November 18, 2006

Proline new tires Crime Fighter MTR

source: Proline Racing

It seems as though the 1:8 truck market has found a home. Kit technology and features are becoming more standard making each kit manufacturer comparable to the next. In order to set your kit apart from the rest, the first accessory component the directly relates to high-end performance is tires. Pro-Line has just that! The new Crime Fighter MTR is no exception.

The Crime Fighter MTR derives from extensive testing from Pro-Line team members wanting a more responsive tire, a better handling tire, and a tire that has minimal expansion under acceleration. Pro-Line is happy to report that the new MTR version of tire is more responsive due to its less pronounced sidewall and has an inner ribbing on the inner diameter of the tire and an inner ribbing on the sidewall of the tire; thus reducing the amount of tire expansion under acceleration and reducing the amount of sidewall flex while cornering.

When you’re looking for the ultimate in tire responsiveness, check out Pro-Line’s all-new Crime Fighter MTR for 1:8 Trucks and Monster Trucks.

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