Thursday, November 30, 2006

XRAY XB8 New Option parts

Front diff large Bevel Gear 38T: Parts 355058

The new 38T front diff crown gear for the XB8 is CNC-machined from hardened HUDY steel developed specially for gears, allowing for ultra-true, vibration-free running. All edges are chamfered for smooth engagement. The "38" symbol is laser-engraved for easy recognition, as well as the bearing size is ground for maximum precision. Using this gear in the front diff of your XB8 alters the gear ratio from 3.333 (with 40T original gear) to 3.167. This makes the car easier to drive, especially in bumpy condition, and improves on-power stability. The new 38T front diff crown gear improves traction and reduces sliding.

New Clutch Bell & Spur Gears

Gearing your XB8 for any track is super easy, thanks to XRAY's wide range of clutch bells and spur gears. Made from exclusive long lasting low wear special steel, friction is reduced improving torque and top speed while maintaining the durability a 1/8 off-road car requires.

XRAY is proud to offer wide range of Clutch bells and Spur gears.

*** All gears are laser etched with number of teeth for easy identification.
From 13T to 15T and spur 44T to 48T.

source: XRAY,

LOSI 8ight Build by RC Modz

Mr RCModZ Phil, Posted a LOSI 8ight build review. Click source to see it.

outofbox losi
source: rc ModZ

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NZRCA New Zealand IC Off-Road Nationals

2006 NZRCA New Zealand IC Off-Road Nationals - 26.11.2006

Truggy A-main final

1 & TQ Martin Wolhuter - Hong Nor X1CRT / OS VZ-B V Spec - 72 NZ Martin TQ photo!
2 Zac Ryan - Hong Nor X1CRT / Axe Rossi Cobra - 72
3 Chris Banham - Mugen MBX5T / Novarossi 421B - 70
4 Billy Looi - Mugen MBX5T / RB C6 - 68
5 Graeme McDougal - Hong Nor X1CRT / OS VZ-B V Spec - 67
6 Jerry Davis - GS Racing XUT / GS R25MT - 65
7 Roger Van Dorsten - Mugen MBX5T / Ninja - 64
8 Brad Smith - Hong Nor X1CRT / Axe Rossi Cobra - 62
9 Craig Underwood - Mugen MBX5T / Ninja - 59
10 Alan Looi - Mugen MBX5T / Novarossi P5 - 33

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

RCAC 1/8 GAS BUGGY OFF-ROAD GP3 06/07 - 26.11.2006

RCAC 1/8 GAS BUGGY OFF-ROAD GP3 2006/2007 - 26.11.2006...

A-main final
1 LAI KOK HENG - sacker - 110
2 WONG YOKE MENG - mugen - 108
3 SUNNY - hn x1cr - 107
4 WONG KIM HENG - hn x1cr - 106
5 LIM KOK BENG - hyper 8 - 105
6 GARY CHONG - 105
7 MANEY - hyper 8 - 100
8 THOMSON CHONG - dirt pro - 97
9 HAJI JUSRI - kyosho - 66
10 KU CHI SEONG - xray xb 8 - 0

B-main final
1 AH KIM - hn x1cr - 65
3 AH HENG - 58
4 SHAHRIMAN - mugen 51
5 JEFFERY PHUA - hyper 8 - 49
7 K S LEE - hobao - 19
8 ALVIN LEE - 15

Jeremy Kortz Best of the West


Jeremy Kortz took the win at the most recent Best of the West race; with his team mate Greg Degani winning the previous round however floundering just short of the last bump in the B-Main

1/8 PRO - A Main
1 - JEREMY KORTZ - HoBao/Werks
2 - GARY GUEST - Jammin/OS
3 - MIKE MORALEZ - Jammin
5 - DEAN SEXTON - Jammin
6 - AARON WALDRON - Losi/Sirio

source: arghh rctech

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Monday, November 27, 2006

JMRCA MBX5R Kenji Osaka Won Japan Nationals

Kenji won the Japan National with his MBX5R buggy. During qualifying, Kenji was no 4th. TQ guy is Kazuya with his WC Kyosho.

1. Kazuya Tanaka - Kyosho WC
2. Atsushi Hara - Hot Bodies
3. Yuiichi Kanai - Kyosho WC

JMRCA top 3 picture
Final result:
1. Kenji Osaka - Mugen/Ninja
2. Yuichi Kanai - Kyosho/Sirio
3. Atsuhi Kawamoto - Kyosho/Sirio

Duting the 1 hour final, only Y. Kanai can keep up with Kenji with same lap, but further behind at aroung 16 secs diff.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Are you RC Offroad Hardcore?

Are you a nitro rc offroad hardcore if you been long time in the buggy race?  Good question. Or do you have to own truggy to claim that you are a nitro rc hardcore? I dont know.
For me, totally different ... i started with monster truck... HPI savage. we race with this high CG truck and its really fun. we were spoilt by GS SUT when they join us in a local race. we sometimes if not always, lose to this new kit in town. we decided to race 2gether becoz of small group but with two different class=trophies. so, even if im 2nd on the overall truck race, im actually 1st in the monster truck class.

anyway, from there, i decided to challenge the low slung SUT with a real truggy X1CRT. then, its a different story all together. and just for the heck of not wanting to miss any offroad action, i bought the buggy. Now i can join the so-called offroad elite. I GOT ALL 3 OFFROAD VEHICLES. now we're talking.  

Am i a real hardcore on offroad then? I got all three(3) nitro offroad vehicle? i dont know. am i qualified? probably i shud get the XUT, Mugen truggy, CEN Matrix TR, and even the 18th scale or the 16th scale then i can claim im a real offroad hardcore. Hahahaha. What say u?

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To Sweden and Canada visitor!

To Sweden and Canadian visitors... thanks for spending your time here. really appreciate it. I never thought i would get any visitor from this side of the world. I hope RC can bring us together more and more nation and races. Even better, I hope we can meet and race together in offroad buggy and or truggy. Thanks for coming back.

To all Malaysian, Singaporean, Australian and USA visitors ... Thanks! especially to those who celebrate Thanks Giving Day. This video for you.

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Jammin / Hong Nor Domination

Anyone cant denies that the Jammin / Hong Nor buggy and truggy domination in the RC Pro Final. This maybe a repeat or heard so many times in forums or website everywhere in the world. But i just wanna say that this brand do perform irregardless who at the transmitter. For this they do deserve the Truck and Buggy of the year. Thanks to Taylor James, Chad Bradley and of course to Jared Tebo on the Buggy win. even though he wasn't the Jammin / Hong Nor official sponsored driver.

Ok, i can see that someone from other brands wanna whack my head on this statement. Ok, the Kyosho and Mugen on a near 2nd & 3rd. Hahaha. Ok go ahead. smack my head!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

How to setup your starter box?

buggy on starterbox image
How to setup your starter box? How? Ok, first GET YOUR OWN STARTER BOX!!! If u still using the pullstart thing.. well this post is not for you. hahahha. seriously. whats the point? well, actually u still can use starterbox.. as long as the flywheel access is there.

Ok, to cut thing short, here are a few tips and a must to get your ride start at the 1st push.

1. mark where your engine flywheel is in relation to the flywheel hole in the chassis.

2. Remove your engine, clutch, and exhaust from your vehicle so you have a clear view of the flywheel hole in your chassis. Leave the rest. the arms , shocks and turnbuckles.

3. Place your rolling chassis less the engine onto your starter box and line up the markings from step one around the flywheel hole with the rubber starter donut.

4. All starter boxes come with some sort of adjustable guide pegs that allow you to key your chassis onto the starter box. Now that your flywheel is lined up perfectly with the starter donut, you can mark where these guide pegs will mount onto the top of your starter box. The most common place is between the chassis and suspension arms on all four corners of the car, with two at the front and two at the rear.

5. Once you have the guide pegs in place, double check that the chassis fits slop-free into the guides and that the markings on the flywheel hole match with the rubber donut within the starter box. If there are slight differences in the alignment, now is the time to fix them. Move the guide pegs along the universal mounts, or slot the holes you drilled to provide the perfect alignment. Now install your engine, clutch, and exhaust system onto your chassis again.

6. Alignment is the key to a speedy working starter box, but there is more to starter perfection than just the fit of the chassis. If the switch that starts the electric starter motor is engaged too early or too late, there is still more setup to be done. If your starter motor switch connects too early, the mass of the vehicle simply sitting on the box may trigger the motor and cause the starter box to run continuously. If the switch connects too late, the compression of the engine may be too high for the electric starter motor to overcome from a static position. The ideal time for the switch to make contact and rotate the starter motor is after downward pressure has been placed on the vehicle on the starter box but just before the flywheel actually comes in contact with the rubber donut. The starter box switch is fully adjustable and adjustments are usually made simply with a small screw accessible externally. Read through your starter instructions to learn more about switch adjustments, then give yours a quick look to be sure it is connecting at exactly the correct time.

7. Now it's time to test the setup. With your starter box turned on, drop your vehicle into place and press down on it. If the previous steps were followed properly, the flywheel should be aligned perfectly with the rubber starter donut, the motor should switch on just before the engine flywheel makes contact with the rubber donut, and the engine should turn over immediately without having to move the chassis or tweak the pressure downward in any way.

Before we wrap up there is one final issue that needs attention, and that has to do with the direction of starter donut rotation. When you are looking at your engine from the front, and the first thing you see is the clutch assembly with the carburetor directly behind it, the direction of flywheel rotation is counter clockwise. Make sure to double check that your starter box is rotating your engine in the correct direction before you try to start it; nitro mills can start backwards ,and this usually doesn't give you the holeshot once the race start tone sounds.
motor turn clockwise, flywheel turn anti CW image.

source: Extreme RC

3rd Annual Buggy Party Final Thailand 2006

3rd Annual Buggy Party Finals Thailand”

Event: “3rd Annual Buggy Party Finals Thailand”

Location: Chonburi, Pattaya City. Thailand.

Track: Pattaya R/C Powerboat Buggy, Boat & Restaurant. Buggy-Track.

Length: Approximately 480 Meters.

Class: 1/8 Off-Road Buggy Open

1/8 Truck Off- Road

1/8 Stadium Truck.

Price: 2500 Baht, Including Lunch for everyday races and Awards Dinner.

Organizer: Pattaya R/C Power Boat — Mr. Charlie Siribodhi. (

Official closing date: November 10th, 2006

Official Race date: December 1st -3rd, 2006


The Mayor of Pattaya City, Mr. Nirand Wattanasardsathorn, Pattaya R/C power Boat, Mr. Charlie Siribodhi, cordially invites all interested Racers to participate on our “3rd Annual Buggy Party Finals Thailand”. This race will consist of both National & International racers.

Prizes include DVD Players, Car kits, Cellular Phones, MP3 players and more…!

Accommodations: Can be arranged for visiting parties

Hotels: In-side Resort, A-One Hotel, JP Villa Naklua, Jomtien Garden Hotel & Resort, Welcome Plaza Hotel, Grand Jomtien Plaza. Long Beach Garden Hotel & Spa.

Transportation: Via Limousine- Thai International, Prapirap Transportation.

For Groups coming in a bus can be arranged please

*Special package can be reserved contact Mr. Charlie

Distance: Approximately one and a half hours from Bangkok.

*On the Final day, our ending ceremony would include Dinner.

Note: Car Regulations and Race Schedule will follow-up later.

The hotels are highlighted in blue, pls check individually. Thank you .

source: rctech forum

Jared Tebo and Taylor James RC Pro series

Check the picture... how cool is that. Jared and Taylor James side by side.!!

Jared Tebo on Jammin /HN X1CR buggy Part 2

Another one i quote from the forum:

"...In the Jammin I had 40 AE shock oil front and 35 AE in back diffs I'm not sure because I never cracked them open... "

Ok, now the best part, about why he at the first place used Taylor James spare buggy:

"real story on why I didn't race the O'Donnell buggy is because we have been recieving alot of new parts to try out and test...we ran out of time and didn't want to go to the race not sure on our new parts and maybe have a failer because we were not able to properly test them. There are no ploblems or anything like that.....i'm not switching.....we just wanted to go to the race 100% ready and that was unable to happen."

Jared Tebo on Jammin /HN X1CR buggy

This is what i found out at forum.

" ... Ride height is normally the same for the cars, I like the front a little higher that the around 34mm/32mm The Jammin was different though. It likes the front LOOOOW.....I just had to trust Taylor James on that one ... ".

Hong Nor new batteries

Hong Nor come out with their new 1300 mhA-Nihm batteries. In 2 styles, flat and hump pack models.

MK- 37 Receiver Battery-1300mhA-Nihm / Hump pack
MK- 38 Receiver Battery-1300mhA -Nihm/ Flat pack
source: Hong Nor pic source:

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Metallica Enter The Sandman!

ENTER THE SANDMAN!!! My most favourite song and couple with this video.. just awesome!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

CEN Prototype TRuggy!

source here : CEN Racing

Its actually a Genesis Truggy Project!

Truggy News: Malta National Truggy race

The 4th event of the Maltese nationals of Truggy races took place on 19th November, at the Bahrija offroad track.The championship is based on 4 races every event and again the X1-CRT took all wins in all races.We had new winners yesterday,Twanny Borg and Dylan Borg who drove their CRT's to the last second without any mistakes.Dylan made 2 mistakes in his last 2 laps but he recovered it.Ludvick Formosa had a clutch bell bearing failture on his second race exactly on the start.He switched back to his Back-up CRT RTR and took 4th place.John Bonello also won 1 race who this year he switched from the Lightning Pro to the X1-CRT.

Matthew Scicluna also had another win which he now took 3rd place in the championship.Malcolm Delia had some problems,which he ran out of fuel in both races, but he still dominates the 2nd place of the championship.
Results of the races:
Race 1 : 1st John Bonello X1-CRT RTR/STS D28M
Race 2 : 1st Dylan Borg X1-CRT Pro/ Boss .21
Race 3 : 1st Twanny Borg X1-CRT Pro/OS JP
Race 4 : 1st Matthew Scicluna X1-CRT RTR/STS D21T

Resulsts to date of the championship
1st Place : Ludvick Formosa X1-CRT Pro/STS D21T
2nd Place: Malcolm Delia X1-CRT RTR/Force .25
3rd Place : Matthew Scicluna X1-CRT RTR/STS D21T

Next Sunday there will be the Hong Nor Endurance race of 1 hour held at the same track.It will be the first endurance offroad race in Malta and sponsored by the distributor of Hong Nor in Malta.


King Headz New parts for Jammin Hongnor X1 CR & CRT

source: King headz

New parts for Jammin / Hongnor X1CR & CRT. Check their site for more info.

UPGRADE-RC new Razor wrap!

New UPGRADE-RC Razor wrap as been reported in their forum . Good news for Kyosho, Revo, HPI truggy racers. I believe Jammin should have too.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

OCM ready with final spec of their PRO Kit

reliabile source:

OCM are proud to release the final production spec Pro Kit. Due to some delays in the effort to produce a high standard high quality kit, we are now ready to send kits out. We have been testing and testing under real race conditions with our team drivers to find any potenital issues and resolve them before releasing sales to the general public. This ensures that you will have the highest std and quality that will rival any other kit on the market. From the pics you can see that this is a fully optioned kit ready to take on the track and competition head on. Be ready to see some kits hitting the shelves soon.
Truggy is just around the corner.
Stay tuned for more new from OCM.

Ian Haley GS Cup setup

Click the image for bigger shot and short review of the race and or go direct to OCM Racing for more of Ian Haley achievement and the buggy DT-19.

News source:

GS XUT truggy Indonesia National Champion 2006!

Indonesia National Truggy Champion 2006

Denny Boy with his Picco powered GS Racing XUT become the 1st Indonesia National Truggy Champion 2006. For he controls most of the 6 Rounds Indonesia National Truggy Championship 2006:

1st Round 12 Feb at Tajur Track
2nd Round 02 Apr at Ancol Track - GS/SUT
3rd Round 18 June at Jatibening Track - GS/SUT
4th Round 06 Aug at Tajur Track - GS/SUT
5th Round 10 Sep at Ancol Track - GS/SUT
6th Round 05 Nov at Tajur Track - GS/XUT


Pos Name Car Enggine
1 Denny Boy GS XUT Picco
2 Pipi Kyosho OS
3 Andre P Hong Nor OS
4 Firman GS SUT OS
5 Willy Mayheim JP
6 Toar Hong Nor Sirio
7 Farid Hong Nor Nova
8 Herman GS XUT Picco
9 Asep T HPI RB
10 Susantio Hong Nor OS
11 Ario HPI OS
12 Budi GS SUT OS
13 Johnny D GS SUT OS


Saturday, November 18, 2006

Proline new tires Crime Fighter MTR

source: Proline Racing

It seems as though the 1:8 truck market has found a home. Kit technology and features are becoming more standard making each kit manufacturer comparable to the next. In order to set your kit apart from the rest, the first accessory component the directly relates to high-end performance is tires. Pro-Line has just that! The new Crime Fighter MTR is no exception.

The Crime Fighter MTR derives from extensive testing from Pro-Line team members wanting a more responsive tire, a better handling tire, and a tire that has minimal expansion under acceleration. Pro-Line is happy to report that the new MTR version of tire is more responsive due to its less pronounced sidewall and has an inner ribbing on the inner diameter of the tire and an inner ribbing on the sidewall of the tire; thus reducing the amount of tire expansion under acceleration and reducing the amount of sidewall flex while cornering.

When you’re looking for the ultimate in tire responsiveness, check out Pro-Line’s all-new Crime Fighter MTR for 1:8 Trucks and Monster Trucks.

King Headz Losi engine mount!

Latest from King Headz Losi engine mount. It can be flipped the mount around and it moves the engine 2mm forwards allowing a standard 3 shoe clutch to be run without excessive shims. It also has KingHeadz distinctive Black.
Furthermore, any new order from KingHeadz website will ship with a nice keyring!

source: King Headz

Radio control Race at GS Cup Malaysia pictures

Radio control GS Cup race 2006. Collection of pictures provided by Mr. Spencer. Thanks there friend. ;) As u can see, mostly for Hongnor team.. captured by a GS driver.. how cool is that!! :))
source: rctech

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

UK Truggy & Trucks Championship 2007

The BRCA Truggy and Truck section announce the beginning of a new era: the preparations for the 2007 Truggy and Truck Championship 2007 are well underway.


Jared Tebo replies!

"Jon Truggy:
Thanks about the RC Pro race. Yeah the Jammin car was good.....I think all the cars are pretty good. I just can't wait to get my O'Donnell car that we have been testing out at the track racing. I know I hope I get to race Truggy soon too. I should be racing Truggy in 2007. Thanks again"
Jared Tebo

Wow!, i sure hope he's driving jammin/hongnor truggy. :D

GS Cup pictures

Some of the pictures... from Lai Kok Heng & jets(Terence).

source: rctech

GS Cup, HongNor Team Manager & the gang!

Sunny, the Team Hongnor manager at recent GS Cup with one of the top driver, Ah Kim aka arghh from Kualua Lumpur. Ah Kim seems to be happy taking picture besides the GS trophy girls. I wonder why ;)))

and here the rest of the racers... all the way from Australia, Singapore & Taiwan.

source: rc tech

Jared Tebo qualifying run

Jared Tebo in his one of four qualifying run in video from YouTube. Please wait for its to load. ;)

Monday, November 13, 2006

GS CUP 2006

Organized by Local GS Supplier, Mr Terence aka jets in rctech.
was held on 11th & 12th November.

Just a short report here... from rctech.

Here are the final results:-

A Main Based on 20min Semifinal Standings

1-Scott Yang GS
2-Ah M Hong Nor
3-David Lim Kyosho
4-Ian Haley OCM
5-Chris Sze Kyosho
6-Yang Shao Ming GS
7-Kelvin Ngow Mugen
8-Ong Chee Yong GS
9-Kenny Chua Kyosho
10-Chester Kid Xray

B Main Based on 20min Semifinal Standings

1-Alvin Lam Mugen
2-Wenyi Hong Nor
3-Jessal Leong Mugen
4-Ah Heng Hot Bodies
5-Thomas Teo GS
6-Ramesh HoBao
7-Lim Tow Jia GS
8-Eric Lim HoBao
9-Mizan Hong Nor
10-Glen Phuah ???

C Main Based on Quaterfinal Standings

1-Danny Teh Mugen
2-Ah Leng GS
3-Andy Lee Mugen
4-Dickson Lim Hong Nor
5-Pegan GS
6-Alexius Lee Ho Bao
7-Roy JJ Mugen
8-Alvin Sim Hong Nor
9-Sean Wee Hong Nor
10-Timothy Hong Nor

D Main

1-Wong Kin Heng
2-Ku Chi Seong Ho Bao
3-Syaf Kyosho
4-Tan PK Hong Nor
5-Jeffrey Phua Mugen
6-Pason Crono
7-Kent Hong Nor
8-Spencer GS
9-Lee Kok Jeen Dirt Pro
10-Ah Chee GS

E Main

1-Gary Chong Dirt Pro
2-Bernard Lee Ho Bao
3-Wong Yoke Wah Mugen
4-Kent Chye Hong Nor
5-Loo Shean Yie Dirt Pro
6-TPK Mugen
7-CS Poh Dirt Pro
8-Ah Kim Hong Nor
9-SY Wong Ho Bao
10-Adrian Wong Hong Nor

Truggy Final

1-Hengster Hong Nor
2-Ah Leng GS
3-Pegan GS
4-Scott Yang GS
5-Pason Phua Hong Nor
7-Yang Shao Ming GS
8-Derek Foong GS
9-Nasir Hot Bodies
10-Alvin Sim Hot Bodies

B25, Basement 2,
1 Utama Shopping Centre.
Bandar Utama. 47800 Petaling Jaya.
Tel/Fax: 603-77241668

H/P: 012-3278870

Rumors / Gossip Tebo future?

After seeing Jared Tebo put in a stunning drive to both TQ and Win the RC Pro series finals in Illinois, with a last minute choice of Jammin buggy, one can't help but ask questions of the future for the O'Donnell buggy.

Announced in January with huge hype of 2005's man of the year Jared Tebo being the only driver; things looked good. However as we have all read, seen and experienced its all gone a bit off the rails...

Admittedly a few poor results due to equipment can be expected for some time, however with such a big names and companies involved the milk soon turned slightly sour.

The first race - The Dirt Nitro Challenge went pretty well considering its first outing, qualifying in the C-Main Jared drove brilliantly and was up with the leaders in the Amain until he broke.
Qualified 4th in the C main / Finished 12th in the A main.

2006 Silver State - Definately building upon the previous race.
Qualified 10th / Finished 9th

2006 US Gas Champs - Fantastic in Qualifying but let down in the main.
Qualified 3rd / Finished 15th

Pro Line Nitro Maxx Challenge
Finished 11th

2006 Summer Nitro Fest - Qualifying pretty decent in 5th, Mains were rained out

2006 ROAR Nats - Qualified Brilliantly in 2nd place behind Amezcua's new Losi. But Big questions were asked when it was clear he was running a Kyosho and not hiding it. However he finished pretty strongly in 8th out of 15 cars in the Amain.

So, the question remains what is going on with the O'Donnell buggy? the latest rumours have it to be released April 2007 - 15 months after first announcing it. And with Associated entering the 1/8 Buggy market soon, could there be some pressure for Jared to think twice about who he drives for in 2007?
One things for sure, their ain't nothing wrong with the driver....


Jammin X1 Buggy & Truggy's Dominate R/C Pro Finals winning ALL Classes!

source: ofna racing

"In Pro Buggy, Jared Tebo took the A-main win therefore given another dominating performance of the OFNA/Jammin product line. Additionly, Jammin products won all the other classes in both buggy and truggy.

source: rctech

1.8 Expert A Main Round# 5, Race# 13

Driver___Car#____Laps____R aceTime____Fast Lap___Behind_
Jared Tebo #1 125 1:00:17.247 27.596
Adam Drake #8 125 1:00:33.411 27.497 16.164
Taylor James #3 121 1:00:12.357 27.095
Chad Bradley #12 119 1:00:07.091 28.080
Kyle Skidmore #14 119 1:00:28.350 28.110 21.259
Andy Smolnik #11 119 1:00:31.752 28.365 24.661
Matt Gosch #5 117 59:59.702 27.745
Ryan Maifield #4 116 1:00:09.519 27.315
Ryan Lutz #15 112 1:00:07.480 27.921
Allen Horne #9 112 1:00:08.515 28.520 1.035
Richard Saxton #13 108 1:00:15.014 28.407
Quincy Hughes #6 88 45:29.031 27.996
Jason Branham #7 86 44:49.726 28.406
Cody King #10 56 35:23.775 27.955
Josh Wheeler #2 2 36.740 34.747