Monday, November 27, 2006

JMRCA MBX5R Kenji Osaka Won Japan Nationals

Kenji won the Japan National with his MBX5R buggy. During qualifying, Kenji was no 4th. TQ guy is Kazuya with his WC Kyosho.

1. Kazuya Tanaka - Kyosho WC
2. Atsushi Hara - Hot Bodies
3. Yuiichi Kanai - Kyosho WC

JMRCA top 3 picture
Final result:
1. Kenji Osaka - Mugen/Ninja
2. Yuichi Kanai - Kyosho/Sirio
3. Atsuhi Kawamoto - Kyosho/Sirio

Duting the 1 hour final, only Y. Kanai can keep up with Kenji with same lap, but further behind at aroung 16 secs diff.

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