Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Truggy News: Malta National Truggy race

The 4th event of the Maltese nationals of Truggy races took place on 19th November, at the Bahrija offroad track.The championship is based on 4 races every event and again the X1-CRT took all wins in all races.We had new winners yesterday,Twanny Borg and Dylan Borg who drove their CRT's to the last second without any mistakes.Dylan made 2 mistakes in his last 2 laps but he recovered it.Ludvick Formosa had a clutch bell bearing failture on his second race exactly on the start.He switched back to his Back-up CRT RTR and took 4th place.John Bonello also won 1 race who this year he switched from the Lightning Pro to the X1-CRT.

Matthew Scicluna also had another win which he now took 3rd place in the championship.Malcolm Delia had some problems,which he ran out of fuel in both races, but he still dominates the 2nd place of the championship.
Results of the races:
Race 1 : 1st John Bonello X1-CRT RTR/STS D28M
Race 2 : 1st Dylan Borg X1-CRT Pro/ Boss .21
Race 3 : 1st Twanny Borg X1-CRT Pro/OS JP
Race 4 : 1st Matthew Scicluna X1-CRT RTR/STS D21T

Resulsts to date of the championship
1st Place : Ludvick Formosa X1-CRT Pro/STS D21T
2nd Place: Malcolm Delia X1-CRT RTR/Force .25
3rd Place : Matthew Scicluna X1-CRT RTR/STS D21T

Next Sunday there will be the Hong Nor Endurance race of 1 hour held at the same track.It will be the first endurance offroad race in Malta and sponsored by the distributor of Hong Nor in Malta.


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