Monday, November 13, 2006

Rumors / Gossip Tebo future?

After seeing Jared Tebo put in a stunning drive to both TQ and Win the RC Pro series finals in Illinois, with a last minute choice of Jammin buggy, one can't help but ask questions of the future for the O'Donnell buggy.

Announced in January with huge hype of 2005's man of the year Jared Tebo being the only driver; things looked good. However as we have all read, seen and experienced its all gone a bit off the rails...

Admittedly a few poor results due to equipment can be expected for some time, however with such a big names and companies involved the milk soon turned slightly sour.

The first race - The Dirt Nitro Challenge went pretty well considering its first outing, qualifying in the C-Main Jared drove brilliantly and was up with the leaders in the Amain until he broke.
Qualified 4th in the C main / Finished 12th in the A main.

2006 Silver State - Definately building upon the previous race.
Qualified 10th / Finished 9th

2006 US Gas Champs - Fantastic in Qualifying but let down in the main.
Qualified 3rd / Finished 15th

Pro Line Nitro Maxx Challenge
Finished 11th

2006 Summer Nitro Fest - Qualifying pretty decent in 5th, Mains were rained out

2006 ROAR Nats - Qualified Brilliantly in 2nd place behind Amezcua's new Losi. But Big questions were asked when it was clear he was running a Kyosho and not hiding it. However he finished pretty strongly in 8th out of 15 cars in the Amain.

So, the question remains what is going on with the O'Donnell buggy? the latest rumours have it to be released April 2007 - 15 months after first announcing it. And with Associated entering the 1/8 Buggy market soon, could there be some pressure for Jared to think twice about who he drives for in 2007?
One things for sure, their ain't nothing wrong with the driver....


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