Friday, November 24, 2006

Jared Tebo on Jammin /HN X1CR buggy Part 2

Another one i quote from the forum:

"...In the Jammin I had 40 AE shock oil front and 35 AE in back diffs I'm not sure because I never cracked them open... "

Ok, now the best part, about why he at the first place used Taylor James spare buggy:

"real story on why I didn't race the O'Donnell buggy is because we have been recieving alot of new parts to try out and test...we ran out of time and didn't want to go to the race not sure on our new parts and maybe have a failer because we were not able to properly test them. There are no ploblems or anything like that.....i'm not switching.....we just wanted to go to the race 100% ready and that was unable to happen."

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