Friday, December 01, 2006

Jammin /Hong Nor New Pillow Ball upgrade

This is supposed to be old story.. old as on 29 Nov :)
Here i quoted by Jerseyboy from rctech.
For the Jammin riders who wants to know whats next for the X1. Here is the latest upgrade. Wether its good or not I cant say yet. I suppose it must be if its an upgrade. There is no reason to move from the X1 to any other. Its all available. If you like the pillowball suspension. Its here. Enjoy!!

Just found out that this part shared with the DM-1! Interesting eh? Quoted from Jerseyboy again.

Thats right. It seems the DM-1 is a X1 based onroad car. Many of the parts will be interchangeable.
I like that. Ithink I will get me a DM-1. Ilike it when I can interchange parts. So when you stock up its for all your cars. CR,CRT and DM-1

pic provided by arghhh

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