Friday, September 29, 2006

Engine run-in WOT style

Im not an expert here. just wanna share how i do it and provide why i do it. Check the picture above, all the necessary equipments are there. Josh Cyrul Engine Break-In 101.
The video is just a sample of how i do engine run-in. Wide Open Throttle Style.

"The reasoning behind this break-in procedure is that there is always a large volume of fuel flowing through the engine. Large volume of fuel means plenty of oil and lubrication for the break in process. This also helps flush out any burrs or small pieces of material that may have been left over from the manufacturing of the engine. Also, the engine has a load placed on it by trying to cycle all of the fuel through it – somewhat similar to the load that you will put on it out on the track when you try to power your car around the track. Last, the engine is broke in with rpm – if you break the engine in at idle then you will not be seating the piston, sleeve, and connecting rod at anywhere near the rpm that it will have to be ready for out on the race track."

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Nordin Idris said...

Hey Jon!! like your blog very much. a great contribution to R/C man!! two thumbs!! especially on your 'Engine Stuff' column.. wow! this is a great topic on breaking in new engine!
keep up the great work man! see ya in the next race! i'm getting my truggy!